I solve digital product problems. the end.
Currently UX/UI Designer (IC) for Katch ↗
Why work with me? Because I have...
1. Nine years of problem-dealing experience,
Problem-spotting, problem-framing, and problem-solving skills honed to perfection in academic philosophy.
2. Six years of freelancing experience,
As proven by a stellar client rating of 4.99/5.00, I understand business goals, requirements, scope, and restrictions, and I ascertain to provide the best possible outcome.
3. Exceptional product design skills.
Ranked in the top 1% of designers worldwide by Uxcel. View report ↗
Tomo (友): Friend (in Japanese).
Time management made easier for your tasks, made easiest for you.
Tomo is a time management product that makes your schedule for you, based on your energy level and what task categories you want to work on for the day, with only a few clicks, resulting in a significant reduction in time spent on time management.
A new hiring economy: Introducing external evaluators.
By introducing a new role to the standard hiring equation, external evaluators, VidBib creates a triple-win situation for rejected candidates, companies that rejected those candidates, and companies that are looking to evaluate candidates for their job openings.