Current ROLE : UI/UX Designer AT Logiswift ↗
WHat others tell about my work
"Goksu demonstrated strong analytical skills and could easily grasp the whole user journey from the first day of his work, which really impressed me. Thanks to his user empathy skills he helped us redesign the navigation of the app and worked on a slack app which is still to be implemented. Goksu can challenge ideas that make him a great team member."

- Anna Blasiak, Head of Product at Katch
Delighted to meet you!
With my unparalleled problem-solving abilities, honed through years of academic study, I bring a unique and innovative perspective to your product and design teams. My product design skills have been recognized as being among the best in the world by Uxcel ↗.
Currently, I am a UI/UX designer at Logiswift ↗, a B2B logistics software solutions provider. As the first design hire in the history of the company, among my responsibilities are helping the marketing and sales team to uplift any public and private material's design, and, more importantly, designing the company's flagship product's new version with many stakeholders involved. My work as a member of the product team involves creating a design system from scratch, discussing possible design solutions with the head of software engineering and the development team, considering the time and technical limitations, and providing design deliverables, such as wireframes and prototypes, which are to be presented to the upper management stakeholders.
Previously, I was a UX/UI designer (IC) for Katch ↗, a US-based early-stage startup with less than 20 employees. At the time I joined as the only UX/UI designer on the team, the product was at the private beta stage. Working for an early-stage startup within a highly dynamic environment has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. Not only has it honed my design skills to new heights, but it has also allowed me to sharpen my ability to work with and understand people.
Before transitioning to product design, I spent a wonderful time in academic philosophy, dealing with conceptual and practical problems, which helped me to acquire truly exceptional problem-spotting, problem-solving, and problem-solving skills. I combine those problem-dealing skills with product design as in my opinion, core hard skills that an exceptional product designer must have is almost the same as of an academic philosopher.
I am a...
Lifelong learner: I truly love learning new things and studying. I've always been this way. Simple as that. Nowadays learning JavaScript, and covering YC's Startup School ↗.
Gamer: Massive fan of the Football Manager series since CM 01/02. I love strategy and social deduction games. These days, playing League of Legends, and Teamfight Tactics.
Theory-builder: I take pleasure in constructing theories and analyzing the underlying meanings of TV shows, movies, and anime, particularly those that have intricate and thought-provoking storylines, such as Twin Peaks ↗, Neon Genesis Evangelion ↗, and Petscop ↗.