Older work that do not warrant case studies
Project Info
Scope — Take-home exercise
Context — An iOS app
Timeframe — Jan 12, 2023
Vybe Together ↗ is a party app that democratizes access to parties. Users create a public profile and are being invited to parties happening near them. Those parties can be house parties, club parties, promoters' tables, or other social events.
As part of my application for a product designer position at Vybe Together, I was tasked with re-designing the party organizer flow of their iOS app. Though unpaid, I dedicated four hours to the task; three hours to re-creating the app's "bare skeleton" (UX + low-fi mockup) and one hour to enhance its UID.
Project Info
Scope — Take-home exercise
Context — Web platform
Timeframe — Sept 12, 2022
Nyala ↗ is a technology company specializing in blockchain technology and a pioneer of regulated custody solutions for crypto assets.
As part of my application to a product designer position at Paro, I was tasked with the following:
  • improving the user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal of a representative wireframe for a KYC module for their institutional (B2B) custody platform. I could create my own wireframe if I wished.
  • identifying parts of the wireframe that did not make sense.
  • identifying any missing or incomplete key functions in the KYC module.
  • Visual elements should be proportionate to their importance for the user. For example, if the user table is deemed to be the most important part of the KYC module for the majority of the user base, then most of the visual space should be allocated to it.
  • The KYC module's UI should be designed in a way that is familiar to the target audience of 40-60 year-old institutional investors who are already familiar with banking products and their interfaces.
  • As there is no user research provided, every design decision should be justified with a reason.
  • According to design principle #1, as the content section is the part of the page that users will focus on the most, the side navigation bar should be much smaller.
  • The absence of a "Log Out" option weakens security, especially since this product is used to manage custodians' clients' assets.
Resulted in...
  • An increase of approximately 27% in both the width and height of the content section, leaving more room for white space and additional content.
  • Users are now able to direct their attention to the customer table with less distraction from other visual elements.