Combining exceptional problem-dealing skills, honed to perfection in academia, with product design skills ranked in the top 1% of designers worldwide by Uxcel, I bring a new and fresh perspective to your product and design team.
I live to deal with problems. Whether it is a product problem, a puzzle, or a TV show scene that is hard to interpret hardly matters to me. Here is one of my favorite puzzles of all time:
"There are two pictures of a door. In the first picture, the door is closed. In the second picture, taken later, the door is open. Nobody opened the door. The door did not open itself. The door, in fact, did not open at all. What happened?" - Petscop 14 ↗
1. Always be kind to others. Always be kind and try to be of help to others. Even a few seconds of your time might immensely change someone's life or a product's fate.
2. Design is two-way communication. Just as you can learn from your users during your research, you can teach your users to make the best use of your product.
3. No observer effect. When possible, enable your research participants to complete their tasks in isolation. Even your mere presence will introduce an observer effect.
4. The 3-P Design Process. I follow this design process that I created and coined the name of. Learn more ↗
🧬 It is in my DNA to Be a...
I love spending time on theory-building about TV shows, movies, and anime, with heavy theory-building elements, such as Twin Peaks ↗, Neon Genesis Evangelion ↗, and Petscop ↗.
Massive fan of the Football Manager series since CM 01/02.

I love strategy and social deduction games.
Few (or many more!) cups of black coffee per day since the dawn of time.

My favorite philosopher ❤️. Heavily influenced by his early and late stages. Could not love his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus ↗ more.
📖  Reading: Brief: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less, Joseph McCormack.
🏫  Studying: Front-end development.
🖥  Watching: Monty Python's Flying Circus.
🕹  Playing: Among Us, Football Manager 2022, Sid Meier's Civilization V, Teamfight Tactics.