With my unparalleled problem-solving abilities, honed through years of academic study, and my product design skills that have been recognized as being among the best in the world by Uxcel ↗, I bring a unique and innovative perspective to your product and design team. Let's work together to push boundaries and create truly exceptional products.
Lastly, I was a UX/UI designer (IC) for Katch ↗, a US-based early-stage startup with less than 20 employees. At the time I joined as the only UX/UI designer on the team, the product was at the private beta stage. Working for an early-stage startup within a highly dynamic environment has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. Not only has it honed my design skills to new heights, but it has also allowed me to sharpen my ability to work with and understand people. With this valuable experience under my belt, I am eager to take the next step in my career and see what new challenges and opportunities await.
Always be kind to others
Always be kind and try to be of help to others. Even a few seconds of your time might immensely change someone's life or a product's fate.
Just as you can learn from your users during your research, you can teach your users to make the best use of your product.
NO observer effect
When possible, enable your research participants to complete their tasks in isolation. Even your mere presence will introduce an observer effect ↗.
I follow this design process that I created and coined the name of. Learn more ↗
I AM A...
I take pleasure in constructing theories and analyzing the underlying meanings of TV shows, movies, and anime, particularly those that have intricate and thought-provoking storylines, such as Twin Peaks ↗, Neon Genesis Evangelion ↗, and Petscop ↗.
Massive fan of the Football Manager series since CM 01/02. I love strategy and social deduction games.
Coffee lover
Few (or many more!) cups of black coffee per day since the dawn of time.
Wittgenstein Fan
My favorite philosopher ❤️. Heavily influenced by his early and late stages. Could not love his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus ↗ more.
Front-end development.
Among Us, Football Manager 2023, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics.
Brief: Making a Bigger Impact by Saying Less, Joseph McCormack.
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