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As a Holistic Product Designer + Builder with a proven track record in startups, Göksu Dayan leverages unparalleled problem-solving abilities and a keen focus on creating value-driven designs to drive businesses forward through thoughtful and innovative design solutions.

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Blockchain, dashboard, UI design, UX design, web platform, wireframes

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iOS app, UI design, UX design

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Based in Turkey (GMT +03:00)

With my unparalleled problem-solving abilities, honed through years of academic study, I bring a unique and innovative perspective to your product and design teams. My product design skills have been recognized as being among the best in the world by Uxcel.

Currently, I am immersed in the development of a range of web and mobile products as a founder, leveraging my skills in design, business, and coding, while eagerly pursuing the next place I could call my second home. This entrepreneurial endeavor reflects my commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering impactful solutions.

In my most recent role as a UI/UX designer at Logiswift, a B2B logistics software solutions provider, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the design of both public and private materials for the marketing and sales teams. Additionally, as the first design here in the company's history, I collaborated with C-level stakeholders to design the new version of the flagship product.

Prior to this, I served as the sole UX/UI designer at Katch, a US-based early-stage startup. Joining during the private beta stage, I navigated the challenges of a dynamic startup environment, refining my design skills further and fostering an acute understanding of user needs.

Armed with experience from two startups, I am confident in my ability to thrive in smaller, agile environments where I can make substantial impact on product development. Furthermore, my proficiency in HTML, CSS, SaSS, Vanilla JS, and React positions me to contribute to the front-end dvelopment, offering a valuable asset to your team.

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Product design

Creating result-oriented solutions for your business problems and perfect outcomes.

Interface design

Crafting delightful designs that WOW your users.

Experience design

Improving your products' user experience through research, testing, and the best UX practices.

Web design

Perfecting your company's online presence.

Web development

Developing websites with HTML, CSS + SASS, JavaScript, React, or no-code solutions, like Webflow and Framer.

App design

For smartphones and tablets of all operating systems.

My tool stack

Framer Webflow

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